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Jane Fonda Original 1982 Workout Video
Jane Fonda Original 1982 Workout Video
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Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars(based on 10 reviews)
Sales Rank: 22
Category: Video

Actor: Jane Fonda
Publisher: Karl Video
Studio: Karl Video
Manufacturer: Karl Video
Label: Karl Video
Format: Color
Media: VHS Tape
Running Time: 90 minutes
Number Of Items: 1

UPC: 011891420259
EAN: 0011891420259
ASIN: B00066J4PU

Publication Date: 1982
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
Jane Fonda's Workout Video copyrighted 1982. This video is hard to find and has been out of print for a while. This VHS features a complete two part course: Beginner--30 minutes and Advanced--60 minutes. The back of the video has all the information you will need to get started. Also, you will find 9 tips you should follow to get the results you want. And at the last of the notes you are advised to eat nutritious and all natural foods. This is her original tape. It's an exercise program based on her best-selling book. A 30-minute beginner's program and a 60-minute advanced session is included.

Customer Reviews:   Read 5 more reviews...

4 out of 5 stars very good early workout   June 21, 2006
  1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I am a big fan of Jane Fonda.Her tapes are my second favorite.This a very good total body workout that will tone your whole body.The leg and butt work is really good.I like to add ankle weights when I am doing so.I also like to add wrist waists to the arm section.This is also one of the best tapes for improving flexibility.The only thing is I wish it had a longer cardio part,other than that it is a very good tape a CLASSIC

5 out of 5 stars Well done Jane!   June 13, 2006
  1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I was in high school when Jane Fonda started becoming a famous workout instructor. I think she was brilliant!
The original video (1982) is great for beginner or advanced. There are sessions for each level. EAsy to follow and absolutely effective to burn your calories and stay fit.

5 out of 5 stars what a workout!!!!!   September 5, 2005
  3 out of 3 found this review helpful

I have been doing this since i was a teenager. i love this workout. i doesn't contain hard to follow steps for those gracefully challenged like myself. yet it works every inch of your body. i have tried other videos including the latest and greatest but always come back to my jane fonda video.

5 out of 5 stars GREAT FULL BODY WORKOUT   July 14, 2005
  5 out of 5 found this review helpful

I had been trying to get this video for a long time and I finally found a copy at a fair price in good condition. I have read all the reviews of JANE FONDA WORKOUTS and I felt I just had to have this to add to my other tapes(NEW WORKOUT, EASY GOING,COMPLETE,CHALLENGE AND START UP).
This video has two workouts, beginner and advanced. The beginner is 30 minutes and the advanced is 55 minutes. Each workout begins with a vigourous warmup followed immediatey by arms,waist,cardio exercises. Then follows with a substantial abs, hip ,leg ,and butt exercises plus a cooldown.
The beginner workout is good and really warms and streches your body, for me it is not enough I would follow with weights or more cardio. However the advanced workout is still a challenge and I like that one best. I have found that one of the really good factors to this and other JANE FONDA WORKOUTS is the streching, it really limbers you up and helps to create long lean muscles. And the exercises are done in a way to maxamize your calorie buring potential.
However a word of note, do not expect a full cardio workout like that of other tapes. This cardio workout is really short. It is more about toning using your body as resistance. Becareful with some of the moves and streches it is possible to injure yourself if anything feels wrong just modify it to something you are accustomed to. One of the things I really like about these workouts are that they really keep you coming back. As an instructer Jane Fonda is really positive and upbeat but not in an annoying way. I have really improved my cardiovascular health doing Jane Fonda videos something I was never abel to do with other newer tapes, I do not know what it is, but I love these tapes. I wish they were all on DVD!

5 out of 5 stars Jane Fonda Workouts are the BEST!!!!!!!!!   April 15, 2005
  4 out of 5 found this review helpful

I did this workout in the 80's. I purchased the book (which I still have) and the cassette (which is worn out). I am so glad that I've found the video. I have most of her workout videos and the ones I don't have I'm looking to purchase. I've tried lots of other workout videos and I always go back to Jane's. For me, they are far better in quality, technique, and instruction. Jane is engaging, she makes me feel like she really cares how I'm doing. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant, it makes me want to work harder and finish. That, to me, is a powerful motivator. When she says, "talk to me" I do! lol

For my money there's nothing out there better.

P.S. When are they going to be available on DVD!!!!!

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